30 Degree angles when the short length is known


Hi all. My question is how do I make a 30 degree angle on a board that I only know the short side measurement? I know my piece is a 4x4 that is 50 1/2 in long on the short side of a 30 degree cut. What is the easiest way to draw this piece in SketchUp>


I’d draw the rectangle and then use the Protractor tool to place a guideline at the 30°. Then you can trace it with the Line tool or maybe just move a corner over.



Thanks DaveR. I found an easier way. If you mark the top face and use the rotate tool and start on the corner of the known measurement you can rotate the piece to the angle you need


Yes. Rotating the top face can get it to 30° but the vertical sides won’t remain vertical. So that works fine if you don’t care about the vertical sides.


You are right. Didn’t notice that until you said it.