3 way joint out of cylinders

Not much more, you can see it in my solution

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I don’t know what this is supposed to prove, but here you go …

I was showing that it is possible to make this thing with native tools and evidently with a whole lot less mess and work than it seems you went to. Your only purpose for posting in this forum is to make negative comments about SketchUp and other users. So far I still haven’t seen anything helpful or positive from you.


My solution uses only native tools. Your post contains two sreenshots, nothing else. Not much tells how to do it. But congratulations on your self-assessment :wink:

My solution is just an idea about one method to quickly build such a piece, using only basic tools to allow someone using the Web based SU to do the job.

Of course, with required dimensions, I would have made it with the correct shape and size, using correct radiuses where required.

If you can provide this information, I can probably find a way to model it.

However, Dave R. and a few others gave very nice ideas.

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