2p Perspective Shift and Image Center issue

The issue is that a center of a shifted 2 point perspective view is dependent on current SketchUp view aspect ratio. When aspect changes, the image is no longer centered. I have attached a test model and two screenshots.

This creates a problem mostly in rendering software, because when trying to render the exactly same view on machines with different aspect ratio with a defined resolution, there are two options - either render with the original view to achieve same output or render with SketchUp view, which will be different.

Of course the image export from SketchUp will not be centered neither.

The question is whether SketchUp could adjust the camera view in 2p perspective in a way that it would position the shifted view centrally on the original target?

It looks that it currently positions it “wherever”.

TwoPointPerspectiveShift.skp (153.4 KB)

I don’t believe it can at this stage. Maybe a feature request.

Instead of screwing around with that when I want to combine direct exports from SketchUp with rendered images, I make the rendered image match the aspect ratio of the SU model window. After I’ve combined the images in the image editor I crop or otherwise adjust the aspect ratio to what I want it to be.

Yes. It is more a question to SketchUp Team whether it could be improved.
Thea users reported it as a bug, but really the camera I get from SU is not the same.

Interesting. I use Kerkythea and don’t have any problems.

Will it work for them to use the method I described with Thea?

Thea outputs exactly same image as in SketchUp view at the given resolution.

The problem users have is that if they want to match exact view on a different machine, it can be only achieved when getting same aspect ratio as the machine the view has been originally created.

I guess the solution would be to force the SU camera aspect ratio, but I was never a fan of those grey bars.

I don’t have to tell you that the SU2KT exporter brings over the scenes from SketchUp as cameras with the same aspect ratio. Can’t that be done in Thea?

I renamed the thread from “Aspect Ratio” to “Image Center”. It makes the issue clearer.

The same thing happens when a view is exported to Layout and then view resized:

Did you try ticking the box for Preserve Scale on Resize in LO?

Thank you. It helps in the Layout.
This is not the point of this report though. I used it just as an example.