2d presentation

tutorials on how to import drawings from older version to the latest SketchUp in 2d for presentation

Are you asking how to open older SketchUp model files in the current version? If so just open them. The current version will open any older SketchUp files.

no wanted to transfer drawing from a PowerPoint into SketchUp, because files were created on school computer vs home. That said, I located drawings on flash drive. need a suggestion on teaching video on how to turn drawings into a realistic ( life like) presentations?

You’re giving us very little to go on and we are not mind readers. You refer to drawings but what kind? Sketches, architectural plans, perspectives?

If you have a plan in 2D you can use it as a base for drawing over in Sketchup. If you know at least one dependable dimension, you can scale it to the right size.

First to get the drawing from PowerPoint you have to export it from PowerPoint in a format that can be imported into SketchUp. Import into SketchUp as an image and scale the image as noted above. If by “lifelike” you mean a photo-realistic rendering, that’s a long story… Most likely you’d need to model in SketchUp, and then export the model to a rendering software, or use a rendering extension that works with SketchUp. There’s a lot of software available and many tutorials and resources online.

Any suggestions on rendering software that works with sketchup?

There are lots of them. Vray is popular as is Enscape and Thea. I use an old one called Kerkythea which works fine, too.