2D Plan Graphics problem

I’m facing this problem. How to fix it?

You probably have two or more faces directly on top of each other. It is called z-fighting.


That’s called Z-fighting. It’s caused by two faces on the same plane. Get rid of one of them and you’ll fix the problem.

I’d suggest moving the group with the image down by a few millimeters, but if you are using the imagery for tracing, then you should probably just assign the imagery to a different layer so you can toggle the visibility on/off as necessary.

In a case of tracing purpose, turning on X-ray mode works a bit better than turning layers on and off IMO.
Though you should put them into different layers eventually. :smiley:

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‘Add Location’ already introduces two new layers:

  • Location Snapshot and
  • Location Terrain
    in which snapshot, resp. terrain are placed (= assigned to these layers).
    And it activates the icon ‘Toggle Terrain’ as well.