2d pictures to 3d Model


Is there an extension that can automate the process of importing multiple photos and creating a 3d model? Otherwise, can anyone recommend another program that can do this and then export to a format to be loaded into sketchup? Thanks.

The photo match process is a little cumbersome and does not work so well for faces, etc.


You should show us some pictures…


I know I am 3 years too late but I thought I should respond to you. We are working on an app to make it really easy to build 3D models of rooms and furnitures by simply taking a few pictures. Will that be useful for you?


This sounds like a dream come true. Will there be an announcement here on the forum when it’s going to be released? Super excited to try it out.


Great to hear that! We will soon have the prototype. Would you like to be our beta user?


Is this a SketchUp extension?


Dave, it’s going to be a separate app which guides through your capture process and generates 3D models + camera info which can then be exported into SketchUP. I can explain to you more if you are interested.


Yes, that would be great.


We are almost ready for beta testing. If you still interested in trying our application, please send an email to me on mishraka@trisetra.com.