Does anyone have any ideas on how to do 2D to 3D conversion via ruby?

Hi everyone, any ideas or su plugins for this?

Could you please tell me how this will look when you convert it to 3D?


If you give a good answer (that is, you can figure out what exactly I drew looks like in 3D), then it might be possible to write a program in Ruby for 2D>3D conversion. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dezmo hits the nail in the head. Generally a 2D representation of anything does not contain enough information for an algorithm to determine what the thing would be like in 3D. SketchUp has the MatchPhoto function that can help creating a model from a perspective photograph with help from photogrammetry but reading the photo still needs a human.

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Hi, there is a plugin that converts 2D to 3D developed by one of VBO workflow’s users. Users must assign tag (or material or give a name) for every 2D object before converting.

Here’s the demo video

Can you see the picture I sent, converted into a 3D model by three views

Why do you need a plugin for such a simple task? How will you use what you create with it?

I would like this plugin to enable this functionality to quickly generate a 3D model when having three views.

I see. I don’t know of any extensions that will do it automatically. Except in the case of a very simple shape like you show there is generally not enough information included in the 2D views to generate a correct 3D model without some decision making that is beyond what a Ruby script can provide.

Here’s a simple example. How would you make a 3D model of what I show below even manually? How deeply are the doors and windows?

There’s not enough information in these 2D views to answer that question.

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You are right, the one I mentioned is only for simple shapes. I need to consider more complex cases.