How to restore a 3D model in three views via Ruby?

If anyone has already written an extension to do this, I am not aware of it.

Please say more about why you want to do this via Ruby. I ask for several reasons:

  • You don’t say whether you have any Ruby programming experience or understanding of the SketchUp Ruby API. If not, you should study them before plunging into this project. This particular script does not strike me as a good starting place. Study the examples provided by the SketchUp team.
  • The specific example you show would be quite easy to do by hand. So unless you have either more complex cases or a ton of these simple ones to do, it doesn’t seem worth the effort to write and test a Ruby script.
  • Interpretation of the three orthographic views as a 3D object can be quite a puzzle-solving challenge. So much so that examples are often used as exercises in drafting courses. I suspect that the logic to do this reliably in code would be complex and subject to many bugs from special cases. Unless you can write down the steps of a textual pseudo-code algorithm to do this, I doubt you will be able to code it in Ruby.

Thank you for your advice!

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this SU file for ideas.

3 views.skp (35.6 KB)