2D graphics for title block and logo

Newly licensed architect and new to Sketchup.

Is there a way to import a simple black and white graphic logo image made in Photoshop
onto my working sheet template?

If not, is there a way in Layout to attach type to a circular path?

Yes- just select “File > Insert” and pick your raster image file. You can place native Photoshop files if you’re using macOS; save a .png or .jpg from Photoshop if you’re using our Windows build.


Thank you jbacus.

And congrats on becoming a licensed professional!

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Since LayOut is what you’ll use for creating the presentations and documents from your SketchUp models, you might consider importing your logo as part of your LayOut template. That’s where you’ll want to put your title block and other text entities, anyway.

Yes, thank you DaveR.

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