Word drawings into LayOut

Is there a way to import (or something similar) drawings made with Microsoft Word? I’m hoping to create LayOut templates based on the existing drawings. If I need to I will draw the templates manual while referencing the drawings that were made in Word.

I think you’d have to make a screenshot and import the image which wouldn’t look as nice as if it was drawn in LO.

As for “template” are you referring to page borders and title block stuff?

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~4 years back, I used SketchUp as a Design Technician for a construction company. But now I’m working for a solar company. I’m trying to set up templates for line diagrams and permit plans. I’m relearning LayOut (& SketchUp) for my new job.

And yes, page borders and title blocks. However, I just now saw a post on here that starting me in the right direction for that part of my problem.

By the way, I remember you from back then. Thanks for your reply! And thank you for all the help you provided during the 2 years I was working for the construction company (and first learning SketchUp).

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PDF the word document. Insert to LayOut. Redraw or block out whatever is necessary.

Works only on the Mac, and the PDF comes in as a raster image. An option would be to open the PDF in an illustration application (Inkscape is a good free option) and export as a DWG or DXF that can be imported into SketchUp or LayOut.

I could import the PDF into SketchUp and then create 2D groups and layers? Would it be better to start it in SketchUp, or only use LayOut?

I would just do it in LayOut… it’s title blocks for paper sized drawings, so do it in the program designed for that sort of thing.

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What operating system? As @Anssi indicated, a PDF could be imported if you are on Mac. Not on Windows, though. Please correct your forum profile.

Personally I’d prefer to draw title block and other content like that using LayOut’s drawing tools. The end result will be nicer and it’ll be easier to modify later if needed.

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Oh, yeah. I was thinking about the 2D design content in line diagrams and momentarily forgot about title blocks and such.

Layout is fantastic for creating forms and templates. You can save each template for future use. I personally created a Portfolio for my Architecture firm that I add to on a regular basis.

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