Setting up document in layout


Is it possible to import type faces into layout. My letterheads have been done in -

“The typeface used Gotham in bold.
I believe a similar web safe typeface is Monserrat or something”

Also want it in this blue. Ive used the snipping tool on my letter head to import this text below my logo


LayOut uses system fonts so if you have the font installed on your computer, you can use it in LayOut. You can adjust the color of the text in the Text window.

As for the logo, do you have it as an image? It’s color will display as it is.


Not sure if i have it on my computer, can you buy or import the font ?

the logo inserted fine it just the rest of the text in that info bar i want in that blue


I expect you can buy and install the font. Do a search.

As for the color, select the text and then click on the black square in the Text window in the tray on the right. That will open the Colors window where you can change it.


many thanks dave


You’re welcome.

Out of curiosity, in what format is your letterhead? There might be a better way to get the logo into LayOut.


I have the logo as an independant file


So you can just insert that image into LayOut instead of snipping it from your letterhwad.


But the rest is in a letter head that was created for me


I did that with the logo , its the text i snipped


OK. Well, you should be able to find a source for the font and use it instead of snipping it from your letterhead.


I found Gotham is available from

If Montserrat will work for you, it is available here at no charge. It may already exist on your computer.


S#;t they are expensive


Yes. There are a lot of versions of the font if you get all of them.


cant see montserrat in the option in layout


It was installed on my computer but maybe not on yours. You can get it from the link I supplied.


I hope sketch up are paying you dave , legend


This is what it looks like in Montserrat.

Thank you.


yeah that is spot on


I’d send it to you but until you have the font installed, it won’t display properly.