2D export .PNG with the same consistant view from file to file

I am drawings room divider screens that are all the same size but in different files (different designs). I would create scene 1 and export the first 2D image in a .PNG file. Then I would copy and paste the second room divider screen at the same spot the center of the axis. But when I go to same scene 1 and export the second design, the view is different. Any ideas what is going on. Any tips for exporting the same view from file to file.

I’m not quite sure how you are setting this up (Being able to see your file would be a big help.) but if I were doing it, I think I would put all the room divider screen in the same location in the model–probably use the origin as a reference point. I would then assign a different tag to each screen so I could choose which one is visible for a given scene and create a scene for each divider. And then to save myself some time and effort, I would use the animation image export option to batch export PNGs for the scenes.

Aww so I would make each design a tag and stack all the designs in the same spot and just make one design visible at a time and export each. is that correct.

Make each design a group or components and give each of those groups or component a different tag.

Yes, makes sense. Thank you.