2d drawings are not printing out to scale

All of my drawings are printing slightly off scale. These are 2d construction drawings I have originated in sketchup pro 2023 and sent to layout to finish with dimensions and text. I have selected my scale 1/4"=1’, in layout. Every drawing prints slightly smaller. For example: a wall length that should scale 20’ scales at about 18’6". Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Also, prior to printing i have exported the drawings to PDF and have printed from the PDF.

Are you using scenes and setting the camera correctly to a standard view (usually Top) and parallel projection?

Check your print settings.

If your viewports are correctly set up, typically the reason is that the PDF viewer you are using has a “fit to page” setting active in its print settings. This will reduce your page size to fit to the printer’s margins, thus doubling them. It is by default on in Adobe Viewer.

Thanks everyone for your feedback. I’m not sure what happened but I suspect it was what Anssi suggested, that there was something wrong with the PDF viewer. Turns out it was easier for me to reprint the drawings at 107% copy ratio and then re-scan to get them back into a digital format.

This is the Print dialog in my old Adobe Acrobat. Selecting None in the Page Scaling popup fixes the shrinking.

And in current Adobe Reader. Actual size will be no scaling when printing.