2024 text box text won't appear

I have noticed that since I downloaded 2024, the text box allows me to type in the text but when I click off of it, the text disappears.
Very strange, doesn’t happen all the time, but it seems to be more frequent. Has something changed the way it works? I end up using 3d text which work fine but I prefer the text box.

What text box are you referring to?

BTW, please correct/update your forum profile. It’s clearly out of date.

I use the screen text box with the arrow on it, or go to tools and select text

So you are refering to placing a label with the native Text tool? Like this?


Are you clicking away from the label after completing the text?

Is it possible you have the text color set to match the background color?

Edit to add: I just added labels to this model. No problem with any of them showing up.

I was using the Text tool to get the area of a shape yesterday and it kept disappearing… I wonder if the visibility settings have changed somehow… something to do with which group its in. was quite confusing

yes, it types in black.
doesn’t do it every time, kinda sporatic Its odd.
Never seen this before and I have been using Sketchup since 2006.
I will try to keep track of when it happens to see if there is a pattern or instance.
text is set black.

I am having the exact same problem, you click a component so you know the label is anchored to something, type a label and click out of the box and it totally disappears. Has only started happening since I started using 2024. I like to be able to add the note to my model to come back to later and I can’t figure out where they are going. I’ve tried adding them to a text layer before I click out and I still can’t get it to show up again.

Can confirm that the same behavior happens to me on certain models. It might have something to do with the overall size of the model, as it is occurs on my urban planning model with large amounts of downtown context. Just a thought and hope it gets figured out.