Mystery text box showing up when i print


I have a text box that says “enter text” that shows up outside of my model when I try to print. It does not show up on my actual model so I can not find it to delete it. Any help on how I can find it and delete it would be greatly appreciated !


Can you upload the a file showing your problem.


I finally figured it out.
It was hiding under the layers dialogue box in the corner of the screen. I have no Idea why it wasn’t showing up when I zoomed way out looking for it.
Thanks for you help anyway!


Hi Donald,

When you select the Text Tool and click in empty model space you are creating Screen Text.
The default text in Screen Text is “Enter text”

It sounds like you may have inadvertently created a Screen Text.
If you cannot see it onscreen in SketchUp that could indicate you created it near the edge of the modeling window or perhaps inadvertently moved it entirely off screen.
This might help you find and delete the unwanted Screen Text.

Click … Window > Entity Info to open the Entity Info dialog

Click … Window > Model Info > Text to open The Model Info-Text panel
There, click … Select all screen text

Look to the Entity Info dialog to confirm the Screen Text is selected.
If true > Press DELETE