2024 Send to layout not working

Can anyone else confirm that the “Send to Layout” function is not working in the latest update of Sketchup? Sketchup 24.0553

When I push the sent to layout button nothing opens in layout.

It’s been working as expected for me.

Try repairing the installation. Close SketchUp and LayOut if they are open. Find the installer in your Downloads folder. Make sure it is the latest one (a new one was released yesterday) and right click on it. Choose Run as administrator and then Repair.

Just ran repair as administrator and did not fix anything. I removed the matched background image that I had in my model and it worked. Would you mind trying with a matched background image? For me, it seems to be any model that has a matched background image.

Share the .skp file.

I cannot. It is a work file.

Try to create an extra scene with all the properties checked:

Edit: Check the Style property to be saved in the matched photoscen:

Save the file and then Send to LayOut.
Bugsplats #6937,#6938,#6939, #6940 and #6941
@colin might know if it is already reported.

For the problem of the send to LayOut button not working, check if it’s gray and not blue. Also check if the File menu item for Send to LayOut is grayed out. Both will be grayed out if the current match photo is still being edited, and also if you haven’t done a save after finishing editing.

For the crashing, I was able to see that even before checking Mike’s bugsplats. My one happens to be a different kind of crash, though probably the same underlying issue. Also, when I chose the match photo scene in LayOut after successfully sending a non-match photo scene to LayOut, I got a crash without a bugsplat.

I couldn’t find a bug report, but may not have been searching in the best way. @trent could ask his team to look into the problem.

For now, do not send to LayOut while on a match photo scene, and in LayOut don’t change a viewport to show a match photo scene. Or use 2023.

Adding an extra scene without a matched photo worked for me. So strange. Thanks!

You need to update the matched photo scene and check the Style and Fog property for it work in LayOut.
No other scene required.

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Interesting crash and I am glad this has been identified and narrowed down to what the cause is.
The team had noticed this new crash with the Styles Panel with the patch release so it is great to have reproducible steps.

We will be working on a fix for this.

LO-15449 bug number