2024 popout window font size

Every popup window for SKP 2024 for pc is an overly large font size which causes me to continually have to stretch the popup window to fit whatever is popping up… every time (like when opening the extension manager or… Other). Can this be adjusted?

This is extra annoying because the main SKP window font was was exceptionally small making me make my general windows fonts larger to accommodate this specific app and re calibrate every other program. It’s exacerbated because SKP is maybe the last program I use that doesn’t use dark mode and thus harder to read at smaller sizes forcing me to make the fonts larger for SKP only.

Having said that, I made the change but it only makes the popup windows fonts even now larger (far larger then the main SKP font size) than everything else and forcing scrolling bars etc.

Which is a problem because some plugins I use, I am constantly re-opening to make minor changes over and over and over.

Any way to adjust?


In SU2024 the font size of the native interface - green rectangle - is depends on Windows Display Scale and resolution:

However the Html based windows, like e.g. Extension manager and 3rd party extensions - marked with blue receptacle above - the font size also depends on the Windows Ease of Access “Make text bigger”:

(This screenshot from Windows 10, on Windows 11 it is somewhere in Accessibility settings)

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Thank you. While still large (especially compared to the main font), it’s small enough now to not pop any more scrollbars which is good enough for me. I was so far into the rabbit hole and changed so many font settings in different places to adjust SKP 2024 that I didn’t know what was what in the end.

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