2024 LayOut Text Box issues

For some reason, the text boxes in LayOut 2024 are acting strange. They appear to be too small to fit the text and the text also appears slightly bold, but when exporting it shows fine. This file was started in LayOut 2023 and seems to look fine on that.

Yeah, I have seen some jumping around. When I made sure the text was justified to the left in both boxes–correctly–the error went away. I had some extra space highlighted here that I deleted.

Are you using the new graphics engine? Turn it off…

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Interesting, I do not have an extra space.

That fixes it. Does that mean the new graphics engine isn’t working correctly or that my computer can’t handle it? I am on the last MacBook Pro with Intel.

I did not either but 2024 Layout seemed to create it. What does the font panel say?

The text is left justified and there isn’t an extra space. Interesting that we have similar visual issues. I noticed that your GPU looks older than mine, maybe that is why we are both having a little trouble with the new engine.

It’s an experimental graphics engine and has issues.

However it uses the same exporter as the default engine which is why your export is as expected.

It means it is experimental … it uses the old engine for export.

I am running without also on a Mac but from 2019.

Gotcha, thank you for the response.

I have seen issues with most text using the Experimental Graphics Engine.
The EGE is much faster for setting up viewports but not great for text as of now. I have been toggling it on and off depending on the task I’m performing and it’s working well.

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