2023 PRO CRASHED every time I tried to import a Simpson STL Column Cap from Simpson

I was warned about 2023, but I want to help work out the kinks so I use it.

I was trying to d/l an STL 3D file from Simpson and SU crashed every time.

No big deal. Just thought I should pass it on.

2023’s problems and warnings are mostly with PC though. not Mac.

Do you have problems with any in particular ? I picked at random, the second one on the page, it opened fine in meshlab, it imported fine in sketchup.

Even tried another one, more complex, I get the small faces problem, should probably either import in meters and scale down or clean up some of the extra details.

Tell us if it’s one (or several) in particular, so we can try them.

also, if it crashed, did you get a bugsplat ? did you send it ? so the devs can look at what went wrong ? if not a SU bugsplat, a mac os crash report then ?

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1212HL stl imported just fine on my PC 2023 Pro

It still crashes for me.
I shot an OBS screen recording and tried several things. I will upload it in a few.

Crashed every time.
Bug splat every time.

I’m on the public beta of Sonoma so there’s that possibility of conflict as well.

Dropbox link with SKP and STL files

Sketchup 2023 doesn’t have support for Sonoma, you better go back to Ventura.

Your .stl file imported into SU2023 for me. I’m going to guess it is the unsupported OS (and possibly graphics drivers) at fault.

Out of curiosity, what import units did you select in the Import Options?

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I do get a crash on M1 with Sonoma, and not on Intel Mac in Monterey. That doesn’t prove whether it’s an M1 issue or a Sonoma one.

But, it also crashes when opening with Rosetta, so that makes it less likely to be an M1 issue.

I will check with colleagues who are on M1 and Monterey, see if it crashes for them.

Edit: I tried with a version that has fixes that you will see the next time there is a SketchUp update. It doesn’t crash.

I can’t tell you when the next update will be released.

wait, it’s Sonoma, not sonora ? like the cartel ? huh.

yeah, the file in your dropbox opens fine in ventura / M1 :thinking:

did you send one / them ? Colin can access these things.

This site and the team support is awesome! Thank you!

I’m that guy. I complain about Murphy in my life all the time, but easily half is my own doing. I chase the newest software almost as a tick. My wife, the level headed one is the kind of person…if it works…why change it. She still rocks the iPhone 8…because a “phone is for talking.”

I’ll stay with 2023 and work through the issues (minor actually). I use Chief Architect mostly for plans for permit, but I want to add or lean more heavily on SketchUp because it is much more precise and accurate in the 3D framing realm.

Some good news for Sonoma, a colleague on M1 with Monterey still sees the crash in the current release version of 2023, and doesn’t see the crash in the internal version we have.

Hi, any idea when you will release the newest version? I get the same problem with the 2023
version on Ventura.

The update I mentioned was released a couple of weeks ago. Are you on 23.1.328 (check in About SketchUp on the SketchUp menu)?