2022 version won't import non-native DWG files

I have been a sketchup user for, like, ever. I do most of my 2D design work in an old program called Powercadd. Powered had a simple, “Save as” file translator for DWG and DXF conversions. I have always been able to isolate a 2D drawing in Powercadd, save as in either DWG or DXF, then open my sketchup file and import that drawing to use as my base in sketchup. I just upgraded to SketchUp 2022. It won’t open those imported files. Instead it goes through the motions then gives me an “import failed” window. I can still open native auto cad files, but I need to open these powercadd conversions. Any ideas? Thanks

uuuh, could you share one of these dwg files with us please ?

On my end, I often use DXF from illustrator and dwg/dxf from Qcad with no issue.


What operating system are you using? What version of .dwg file are you trying to import?

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I understand Powercadd is a Mac application. Are you using a Mac? Did you install SketchUp Pro properly, or are you running it from the downloaded disk image file?

Hey so I went to upload those files and got a message that the files had zero bytes. I had not noticed that before. So the issue is most likely with Powercadd, not SketchUp.


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