2022 pro crashing

I am having an issue where the program is simply crashing. I restarted my computer, and have un/reinstalled and it is still occurring. It does it with existing files and new files.

Did you ever install it correctly? That requires right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator.

What are you doing when it crashes? Are you getting Bug Splats? Are you sending them in with something to identify that they came from you?

I did install correctly, I am not getting bugslpats. It simply crashes.

Try updating the graphics drivers directly from the manufacturer’s site.

Can you describe in as much detail as possible the complete scenario that results in a crash? For example, how do you launch SketchUp - by opening an existing SPK file, or by running the program from the Start menu (or similar)? Does SketchUp display any kind of window(s) before crashing? Are you able to interact with those window(s) in any way before the crash, and if so how do you interact with them (e.g., clicking on a tool bar)?

Can you post screen capture of whatever messages or dialog boxes may appear when the crash has happened?

It is variable, but the last time i launched pro (from the desktop shortcut) The program started, then I clicked to open a new file, then clicked to maximize, then the screen simply went black. When it came back on, sketchup was not running. I should add that I have been running from web for years prior to today with no problems. My system was built 2 years ago for VR gaming, so it should have no problem with this program, I imagine.

Unplug extra monitors, does it start then?

I updated my gpu drivers and so far no crashes. Thank you all for your help. You really make a difference for people like me.