2021 Upgrade and extensions are all gone


I upgraded my web based SU 2021, but extensions from 2020 did not carry over.

Why does this happen? I understand I have to reinstall now as this happened with the last update, but I can’t even remember all the extensions I had in the past.

Has this issue been resolved and I’m missing something? Seems silly that the extensions do not carry over.

Thank you.

Do you mean desktop version?

No they don’t. Generally it’s better to install fresh copies of your extensions from their sources. Often with a new SU version release, there is a new Ruby version and many extensions need to be updated to work. Some extensions have their own installers and need to get a full install instead of just being copied.

If you didn’t remove SketchUp 2020, it’s still on your computer. Each major version release installs as a separate program. You can go back to SU2020 and look at the extensions you have installed. If you used the Sketchucation Tool to install extensions from there, you can install it and use it to install fresh copies of your extension bundle from SCF.

If users could be forced to keep extensions up to date, having them carry over would be a good thing. As it is, every time there’s a new SU version release, there seems to be a spate of posts with users complaining about load errors because they are trying to use old versions of extensions.

Hi Dave

Thanks for the info.

Surely, a better solution would be carry extensions over and check extension compatibility when upgrading.
I only have a very small number of extensions, so it’s just annoying for me to have to install them all after an upgrade, but if i had many extensions, I’d be really pissed off, having to reinstall them all.

You’d rather deal with loading errors for those extensions that you hadn’t kept up to date?

The SCF Extension Store can automatically install current version of extensions you have from Sketchucation. The Extension Warehouse used to have that feature and hopefully it will return.

Who do you think should be doing that, and how? Only the extension author knows exactly how it should work and can test for perfect operation. There is no automated way.

Well, that would be a good solution. It won’t help with extensions that are downloaded and installed from local source, but it would be a lot better than having to go through everything manually.

Not with the current structure in extensions, but the SketchupExtension class could have a URL that the author sets that will fetch information about the extension, such as which SU versions it is compatible with. For most extensions, that URL could point to a local file containing that information. That way, versions of extensions that predate the SU version one is installing could be flagged as incompatible and inactivated with the option for a user to either upgrade or manually activate it and hope it still works.
Such a mechanism would be a very small change to implement for extension developers.

The compatibility information could even be directly inside the extension object. SketchupExtension.compatible_with => Array

And that array from an extension loaded to 2020 would know about 2021?

Not unless the extension had been updated after the release of 2021, but that’s kind of the entire point.

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