2021 Keyboard Short Cuts Located?

In previous version of SU I was able to copy over the Shortcuts.plist (keyboard shortcuts) to newer versions…how does one accomplish this now?

Shortcuts haven’t been kept in a plist for a couple of versions now. Instead, they are kept in the file

/Users/yourid/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2021/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json

However, there is a lot of other stuff in that file too, not just the shortcuts, and the format of the shortcuts data has changed from the plist. So you can’t simply copy them over any more. You will have to re-enter them. But just this once, as new versions of SketchUp also find this json file and copy key items such as shortcuts into the new install automatically.

You shouldn’t have to copy shortcuts from a previous version of SketchUp on the same computer. When the new version is installed SketchUp should copy the shortcuts automatically.

Thank you!

Just found out after all these years that Control-X is “cut” shortcut key

where would this and other shortcuts be found for 2021 be located? thank you

Is there a list besides in the preferences?

Ctrl-X has been a Windows keyboard shortcut for Cut basically forever.

One option would be to use My Shorcuts… in the Sketchucation tool.