2021 and Big Sur ridiculously crashy?

Anyone else finding it unbelievably crashy?
Today I’ve had about half a dozen crashes… when saving, when changing scene, and when setting up my toolbar preferences.
And this is not on a remotely heavy model.
It’s ridiculous.
Hardware FWIW: late 2014 27" retina iMac, 4GHz Quad Core Core i-7, 32GB RAM, SSD, AMD Radeon R9 M290X 2GB

What’s the answer other than go back to 2020?!


I’m not encountering those issues on my MBP. Are you getting BugSplats? If so, have you been submitting them with the info about how to contact you filled in? Examining the crash reports from BugSplat is about the only way anyone will be able to do anything beyond wild guesses.

Hi, yes I have and have been sending them back, but anonymously as I wasn’t sure if the contact details would actually elicit a response so hadn’t bothered, but I will fill details in if it keeps happening. cheers

On the other hand, without filling them in you can be sure you won’t get a response :wink:


They actually do read the crash reports! Please do include your contact details!


Will do!

We do have one support case with a similar description. In that particular case he is using 3D Warehouse models, and finds the crash doesn’t happen if those models are hidden.

Do you have any 3D Warehouse models in the scene?

I am watching out for a bugsplat coming in from you.

Hi Colin, thanks for the reply. There’s only a couple of very small 3D Warehouse models in it, but they’ve been there all along without any problems.
I was messing around trying to retro-set up a model in to ConDoc Tools’ Model Organisation Guides when I was having the crashes this morning.
It may be that it was that and the additional load that was putting on the system rather than 2021 or Big Sur, and just a coincidence that I had upgraded to 2021 last night and then the crashes started this morning.
I’ve not been working on it this afternoon so no further crashes/Bug Splats to report.
I’ll let you know how I get on tomorrow!

I wonder if ConDoc Tools or some other extension you use might be in the need of updating to version 2021.

Good point. I also wondered about an extension issue but was waiting to hear what the bugsplat revealed.

Could be extensions I guess, there were a few I migrated over that said they weren’t 2021 compatible - but what the hell I installed them anyway!
If it happens today I’ll start disabling extensions.

Afternoon! Just been working fine for 2-3 hours reverse setting up a model from scratch in ConDoc.
Only 3 tiny 3d warehouse models in it, pretty simple geometry, no materials other than some glass transparency, no extensions being actively used other than ConDoc System Plan Generator.
Went to delete all the generated scenes to set the drawing set up again and it crashed after hitting delete.
Bug Splat report has been sent from info at vrsn3.com
Interested to see what you can glean.

Can you give links to the 3DWH models you used?

Hi Colin, not to the 3DWH itself, but this file has just the three models in (sink, gas hob, kitchen extract):

The hob is fairly complex, the other two aren’t. All were manufacturer models rather than some random person’s effort.

That file is 1.9MB, the whole house model is only 7.7MB

I have a lot of problems with SKP 2021, in VERY small files I even get enjoying bugsplats, just out of the blue… it happens with almost every tool I use… (push-pull, follow me, measurement tool, saving files, and so on…) really ennoying! It’s the first time I post something, but in this case it’s really necessary! It affect my workflow in a very bad way… And while I’m posting I wan’t to ask to change the name of “BUGSPLATT”, what a horrible name, every time I have it I want to smash my computer against the wall, only by see the name…, an idee could be instead of bugsplatt, you put a daily joke on it, at least we will have something to laugh at… just an idee…
Serious, solve the issues with SKP 2021 or don’t let us upgrade! it’s terrible to work in at this moment… I’m using MAC Big Sur… today 6 bugsplats and even saved files missing…

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Please don’t double post. This forum is a single big pool; the categories just help people filter out broad areas that don’t interest them.

I replied to your other post. Would be best to keep answering that one, so that the topic is dedicated to you, and not JonnyMango.


Yeah I know… I thought I was on the good post… it was my first time… BUGSPLAT!

@colin ,
Has a root cause been identified for problems encountered by the OP ?
I am running SketchUp Classic Pro 2021 but have been waiting to upgrade my MBP to Big Sur pending any known issues with running them together. I am not encountering frequent crashes with my current SU2021 and OSX Catalina. However, with Su2019 I had frequent crashes and bug splats so I am cautious with OSX upgrade and a fairly new SU release.


After the posts here I went on to write this topic:

The crashing isn’t Big Sur specific, I can make the problems happen in Catalina or Mojave.

The work arounds I talked about take care of most cases, but there are still some times when even then SketchUp can get into a state where it continues to crash. I’m trying to isolate those few cases, to see if there is another issue to fix.