2021 - 6 bugsplats a day ! is this normal?


Questions says it all I guess… this thing crashes every other hour…

Plugins, perhaps?

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tx Anssi… pritty newbie on this … care to elaborate? cheers

It’s not normal, answer says it all I guess…

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Nvidia driver may not be up to date, big sur may be unstable, it’s a Mac so I shouldn’t even be commenting.

I think there were problems reported with compatibility between Big Sur and SU2021 some weeks back. I have deliberately not upgraded to either yet, waiting to see if the problems get ironed out.

But no, that many bugsplats would be unusual unless it is the same problem each time.

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I am not a Mac user either so my suggestions are perhaps not that great, but

  • I understand that issues with display drivers are not that frequent, however, you should install all system updates if available.
  • My suggestion about extensions/plugins: they are perhaps the most frequent culprit today, especially large and complex ones like renderers.
  • A combination of complex extensions, automatic save and saving to cloud storage or a folder that is automatically synced to the cloud seems to be one recipe for disaster.
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Many extensions consist purely of so-called Ruby code, which is executed by a piece of software within SketchUp called a Ruby Interpreter. This kind of extension generally cannot crash SketchUp (i.e., cause a bug-splat) no matter what they do, except in very rare cases where the Ruby interpreter code within SketchUp has a bug.

On the other hand, some extensions also contain natively-compiled code which executes directly on the desktop computer’s CPU cores. Bugs in this portion of an extension can very easily cause a crash, killing all of SketchUp and (usually) triggering a bug-splat. Extensions with very heavy numerical computation requirements often contain natively-compiled code to perform those calculations, in addition to containing interpreted Ruby code for the extension’s overall framework. Rendering extensions are prime examples of this kind of hybrid with both native code and Ruby code. Another example of a hybrid extension is Animator, which I have used a lot and which crashes fairly often for me with a complex model.


Well that’s something I never knew. Is there a way that an ordinary non-techie user can know whether an extension is Ruby only? That might help avoid extensions that could be troublesome.

I am on my third iMac and I don’t think I have ever had a video card issue or had to update anything to do with them. It’s one of the beauties of the Mac environment that you generally don’t need much “under the bonnet” knowledge.

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There is an issue that can happen with SketchUp 2021 on Mac, where it would crash every time you tried to use the materials. Is it possible that the times it crashes are when you are doing a particular action?

Do you see a bugsplat window, and if so can you send one in? Include your name and email when you send it in, so that I can find the report.