2018 Pro no longer showing mapped network drives

My copy of SketchUp 2018 Pro on my laptop no longer shows my mapped network drives in the window when I select to load a file. I can drill down to the needed shared folder, even though that folder is set up as a mapped drive. This used to work but has changed recently, not sure what update did it.

SketchUp 2018 hasn’t changed since 2018 so what has? A Windows update seems most likely. Maybe that’s what you should be looking at. Have you tried remapping them?

Of course I have remapped them. But if 2018 has not changed why do I receive update notifications quite often?

Updates for what? You would still get update notices for updated extensions that have been installed via the Extension Warehouse and you might get an alert that there’s a newer version of SketchUp available. Last year that would have pointed you to SketchUp 2019 and now it would be pointing you to SketchUp 2020. But SketchUp 2018 has not been updated since 2018.

Thanks for setting an old fart straight…

You’re not that old. :smiley:

Did your remapping work?

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