2018 Pro... awful JPG & PNG exports quality

Having exported jpg and png from my drawings using all versions of SU Pro from 8 onwards I did my first ones using 2018 Pro today. What the hell has happened to it, they are utter ■■■■ and totally unusable. I have it set to display size which is 3096 x 1271. Max quality and most importantly, anti-aliased. What I am getting is utter ■■■■ jaggy no AA images way worse quality than my 3440 x 1440 display. I am now having to use Windows Snip tool instead !!!Don’t know if relevant, but my graphic settings in SU are maxed out as I use a Titan Xp

check that SU is ‘using’ your Titan or if windows has reverted it to a generic card…



Here’s a direct screen snip of what it looks like on screen:

And here is the export:

Is there any difference if you export to PNG instead of JPG?

The antialiasing on the screenshot looks better than on the export. It seems that the export antialiasing (that has never been much to write home about) uses a lower setting than the 16x you are using on your screen.

I don’t have a solution but a workaround: Export to a very high, perhaps maximum, resolution, possibly with no antialiasing at all, and downsample the image in Photoshop or your image editor of choice. I always use this method, as the lines get thinner using it, and exports used to go much faster with antialiasing off.