2015 Network License Blocked by Corporate Network

We have 1 stand-alone license, which is locked to one PC – the license was accepted without an issue.
However, the 3 user network license, which is shared between the rest of the section, is being blocked at registration.

The extension warehouse, geo location & 3D warehouse features from SketchUP are all available, it’s just the license that appears to be blocked.
Our IT Dept. have advised that access to ports 5053 and 50530 will not be made available.
I’ve put this up to Trimble for their support, but they put me back to the UK reseller for resolution, but without success so far.

Has anyone else had this situation? Any work arounds?


Though, a network license can be authorized the same as a single user
license, there is one important caveat to allow the authorization to be
successful: Ports 5053 and 50530 must be open for your network license
to work. See your Network administrator if these ports are not open.

in short: ports closed = no network lic.

The first thing I’d do is demand a refund.

Then wait until they change the licensing for some other ports, or switch to a non-cloud license.

Yes, we are in the same situation.

I do not understand why some companies can build cloud services that do not require any changes to network security, and then, others cannot.


I’ve put an email directly to Trimble Support; fingers crossed!
Thanks for the replies.

Sketchup Pro 2015 wants to connect to license2.sketchup.com on TCP port 5053
I used Little Snitch to identify the server.

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, our IT section will not allow that port to be opened.

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