Firewall - Port Unblocking

I think I need to enable ports 5053 and 55300 to allow access to SketchUp’s licensing server. Our firewall is managed by a third party who require me to fill out a MIP request. One of the fields I need to complete is “Destination IP”, could you let me know what this is? Also, are these ports UDP or TCP?

You could get a more competent answer by contacting the SketchUp support directly.
When I once had to ask the IT department at work to open the ports, they never asked me about UDP or DCP…

the SU license Servers … do use the IPs & (TCP/IP).

You can evaluate this by yourself opening the Windows command line (“Win+R > cmd”) and pinging the servers by: “ping < URL >” (see above).

Thanks, everybody for their reponses. The MIP has now been submitted and will hopefully be actioned shorty.