16 to 17+ graphics card help

First time caller, etc. So I have been ecstatic about using Skup for years but frankly have used it only in design and a lightweight setting for designing my line of furniture. Here’s the prob… I’ve been using 16 for a couple years and knew the upgrade to 17+ was coming, Now I have the graphics card error and need to upgrade. I am not PC fluent but dangerous enough, and built this from a gaming kit and has worked brilliantly. I elected not to get the graphics card (AMD FX™-6300 six-core, running windows 8, with 64-bit oper. system and x64-based processor). Skup is the only reason for me getting a graphics card and I want to get the right one. Any recommendations?

The general recommendation seems to be an nVidia card from the 1050-1080 range with at least 2GB graphics memory.

They seem to have the most complete and stable OpenGL drivers.

For more specific advice, others may have better information than I do - that’s just my impression from other posts on this forum asking a similar question.

Your problem is about the OPEN GL 3.0, the version 2017 needed a big graphics card.

a GTX1050Ti/1060 should suffice, probably nothing recent below 2 gb in the market.

I met the same problem with Blender, at least 2GB graphics memory.
I know it’s out topic, but I continue to work with Sketchup Make 2016 because of OPEN GL 3.0 GRR

Really appreciate it! Thanks.

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