1000 Simulated Diamonds

For rendering fun, I made a diamond shape:


I thought it would be interesting to render 1000 of these in a loose pile. To create the pile, I used MSPhysics:

After 60 hours of bi-directional path tracing in KerkyThea (on my 10-year-old computer):

Not quite the effect I was looking for :neutral_face:


maybe some environment can make the setup more realistic? What kind of light setup did you use?

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I used the sun and a black non-reflective surface. I wanted to see how long the BPT rendering would take with 1000 diamonds (58 facets each) and a single point source for the lighting. I plan on trying some other lighting effects, but probably not with the BPT engine. With 58,000 reflective/refractive surfaces, there’s an awful lot of rays to trace. Suggestions are welcome :slight_smile:


A simple ray trace gave pretty good results in less than a minute:

Lighting one diamond with diffused light from all around:

The angle of the sides of the crown to the sides of the pavilion determines the brilliance:


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It would make an interesting ‘Render This’ subject. By uploading one of your diamonds you might get a lot of feedback on how different renders and settings can work on a specific object.


solitaire.skp (63.4 KB)

Here’s a very quick Twilight Render using standard Glass/Diamond with a Sketchucation Studio HDR and no sun.


Do you mind giving these a try?

solitaires.skp (433.3 KB)

Happy to Jim, but I’m just out the door to a lunchtime 21st B’day, I can have a go later this evening.

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Here you go, pretty much basic Twilight. Material White Glass/Diamond. With Sketchucation Studio HDR no3 and sun. Preset 9. No other geometry or background. I could tweak and play with it for days. Some more environment would probably bring out the individuals better, it’s all a bit of a mesh as is.


No changes except, Path Tracing Progressive.

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Two more variations on a theme …

Combining the two images in Gimp:


I would love to play with your model. So much detailed geometry. Is it on the warehouse?

I posted the model about five entries back. I was going to upload it to the Warehouse, but I get this error:

{“message”:“com.warehouse.WarehouseException: Group 32198028-78cb-11e9-834d-d071c4854df3 has more than 10000 members.”,“errorId”:“UNKNOWN_ERROR”}