0.025mm invalid

i spent quite some time looking for a metric GRID ruler and all i found was out of stock 50 $ stuff online and they sertently dont sell these in canada so i said **** it ill make one i know someone with a 3d printer but its really hard t omake a ruler that does mm
im trying to make each mesuring point 0.05mm tall and wide but without 0.025 i cant just make each 1 mm mark to offset its really frustrateing and i just had to complain after spending 4 hours trying to do this

Sounds like you need to adjust the units in Model Info.
Plus you will probably need to model it at a larger size and scale down when finished, to avoid the tiny face issue.

A typical nozzle diamerter for a home 3d extruder is 0.35 mm. Are you sure you can print something with such fine markings?

This sounds like something you may want to get laser cut, rather than 3d print. Something to consider with 3D printing is that there is some shrinkage when the plastic cools (more with some materials than others). This means that, even if you layout your increment marks perfectly in the model, they will likely shift once they are printed. Getting something like a pice of metal or wood later cut and etched with the increment marks would be a better way to go, IMO.

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I have noticed the shrinkage . . Part is just a squinch smaller then planned on like a 3/4 inch diameter item is like .012 smaller than I wanted . .