Zoomed views in LO

I’m looking for some Sage advice on using the same scene in layout for a drawing at say 1:100 scale and then focussing on part of that scene at say 1:10 to show additional detail / dimensions.

In LO if I change the model view scale the part of the drawing I need goes way beyond the visible viewport and it takes a lot of effort to reframe the drawing to the area needed.

In SU I can create a duplicate scene and zoom in on the required area, which saves hunting in LO, but it means creating a new scene for each detail where only the camera position moves.

What is the best way to approach this?

How about a step approach – 1:100 > resize > 1:50 > resize > 1:25 > resize > 1:10.

I’ve done this before but I’m not often resizing viewports like this.

Do this sort of thing quite frequently, usually for insets to show/dimension small details… Same scene, different scale. If going from smaller to larger I first enlarge the viewport by dragging a corner or edge. Then change the scale and refine the viewport edges to crop the model as needed. I avoid doing anything that results in modifying the Camera properties for the scene.

Do similar to DaveR…but not as honorable to camera properties.

I widen the viewport; click into the viewport and then scroll into a scale that is close to what I need with the view basically centered in the viewport; then I set the scale in panel. It makes the fine adjustments and then I move the viewport edges to the size I need.

DaveR might not approve of that method simply because the average user might forget how to fix it if there is a problem. My excuse is that I only use this method for detail bubbles. Never to establish main elevations, sections or plans. Those are all pre-set in my template.

Brings up a great Viewport upgrade idea though. would be cool if one could set the center of a detail that the scale operation would focus on. If one wanted to go larger, the picking of any larger scale would bring up an alert; “Select center of detail”. Hit center. Scale is applied with that location at the center of the viewport. Possible?

@PaulMcAlenan I tried that but the hunting gets worse as you get down to 1:10. :frowning:

@DaveR My problem is the size of things. As an example I can see a 12m long beam in elevation, but when I want to focus on the end treatments e.g. the last 300mm, even on a 27" screen, reframing the viewport edges is a pain.

@KeithBrooks I am with @DaveR with regards redefining the camera position in the viewport. I do however think there is scope for a rescale + zoom focus option. My initial thoughts were the viewport anchor icon could be moved over the centre of the required focus (detail) and changing the scale would move the view to centre the viewport on that point. I don’t think you would even need to change the user interface, it could just become a new way of working e.g. When you change the scale of a viewport the model will use the position of the anchor point as the new viewport centre. One for the Wishlist ?

Not sure how perspective might affect this, but for axonometric it could be an easy update.

I don’t know what kind of models you are dealing with.

This model is a rear extension 10m wide – in the gif I am going from 1:100 to 1:10 and focusing on the eaves.

For sure it’s a little involved.


Thanks for the video. I see what you are doing, but I find the sides of the viewport disappear under my tool trays (I have them at both sides of my screen), so I have to close them to use zoom extents and as you have shown there is a lot of dragging to be done first. Looks like I need to persevere if I don’t wan’t to create a lot of scenes.

Does the Mac version allow you to enable auto-hide for the trays?

If things are really out of size / going from big to just a portion - I just add an extra scene as needed, then set the scale in SKP. Otherwise if they are ‘close enough’ I usually adjust the scale and deal with the zooming and panning and stretching.

This would be a cool feature… move the anchor / rotate / snap point, then re-scale. Would save lots of time, and cut down on extra scenes.

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Sound like a useful feature, but I can’t see anything in the Mac menus that suggests that is an option. :frowning: