[req] layout - scaling viewports keeps center in focus

When changing the scale of a view in layout, for instance from 1:100 to 1:10, it would be really great if the focus point (the center of the current 1:100 layout view) would be the same in the 1:10 view.
At the moment, after scaling from 1:100 to 1:10 you have to ‘search’ for your detail by resizing the view, moving the view, resizing the view etc etc.

Yes, I would love it to be able to do that too but I am not sure how developers could implement it. At present, you only have the following options:

  1. Set up what you want to see as a scene in SU first;
  2. Open the viewport and zoom (but this will break the link with the SU scene);
  3. Use a piece of arrowed text from a point that you want to remain visible as this will tell you where you need to expand/adjust the viewport to (very much a workaround).

I expected (hoped) it wouldn’t be that hard to implement this feature. I would very welcome this - saves alot of annoying scrolling/stretching etc.

If you haven’t screwed up the viewport by opening it to change the camera position or do something else to it, the scaling will be about the center of the viewport. The scaling happens about the center of the scene. You need to remember that if you make it so that the center of the viewport does not coincide with the center of the scene.

Click on the picture.

If you are going to change the scale to something larger, drag the viewport edges first. Don’t open the viewport to zoom.

@DaveR Thanks for the info. Good to know. Hoping something better will be implemented at some point.

In the meantime try using the tools as they were designed to be used. I bet you’ll find they work well. fighting the tools doesn’t do you any good.