[REQ] Scaling viewports AND model scale SO they keep same aspect ratio/proportion

This would be very important nice to have as, right now, it’s a very disturbing workflow that consumes a lot of time:

  • Setup a SU Scene;
  • Insert a Viewport and Choose that Scene:
  • Set the Scale for the model (like 1:50);
  • Use viewport scale handles to fit the viewport to what you want to focus on… (BTW scaling a viewport and setting a viewport scale are different things that always get hard to describe on FR like these or mini tutorials.)
  • Work and all is fine.

However, to change the scale and size of the viewport accordingly, later, it’s a VERY tough job.

  • If I want to change the above viewport to 1:20 I have to change viewport scale, and the subject is no longer centered, even disappearing sometimes.
  • Then it’s a trial and error aproach of using scale handles to make the viewport fit.
  • I’ve tried to simply find a relation from the viewport subject and the viewport shape, so I could use a simple proportional method to do it, it’s impossible as somehow the original point of the center of the scene is the one being used for scaling up the model… a mess.
  • So, It’s nearly impossible to scale up a viewport and model scale accordingly so they have exactly the same proportion.
  • If the original viewport is already dimensioned and tagged, it is an almost surreal task to make it simply scale up to a double sized sheet…

This should be reviewed, imho.




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