Option to Scale viewport's contents, boundaries and associated objects

I think Layout should have an option to scale a viewport up while keeping the same view and boundary proportions and also dragging all associated dimensions, texts and leaders with it while doing it.

The idea is, for example, to have a 1:200 scale drawing in an A4 paper and scale it up to 1:50 but keep the exact same viewport proportion and model framing, while also stretching dimensions to fit the same points but changing their scale to the new scale, moving text boxes and leaders to the same relative points without increasing their size. Then what’s left over for us is to change paper size…

At this point this requires a lot of work from us and I don’t see why it couldn’t be done automatically.


This would be a great feature. I often have projects on large parcels so I will have a site plan at 1:50 and 1:10. Scaling in one move would be great. Right now it takes 2 and then some.

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