Changing scale on SU model viewport and everything else associated with it

I find myself having to change the scale for a lot of model viewports in a project, and none of the associated objects for each viewport (dimensions, labels, scaled geometry, etc.) are staying “anchored” at all or appropriately. I thought this would happen automatically. :thinking:

Everything is in their own layers, and I have tried grouping like objects and using group scaling on them, but:

  • When I re-scale the geometry, it doesn’t stick to where it was in reference to the model viewport prior to re-scaling.
  • Scaling the dimensions as a group I thought they would only “shrink geometrically” staying “anchored” to the re-scaled model, but all that happens is that the value of the dimension changes according to the new scale, while the dimension lines stay at the original length, and at the original placement on the sheet. And then, when I tried to undo the re-scaling, the dimensions become disconnected from the model viewport and cannot be reconnected. They all have to be re-done…
  • Labels stay “anchored” but the label boxes stay where they were originally in the sheet, resulting in pretty long leaders. Very messy.

Incidentally, the issue does not exist when I am just scaling geometry with connected dimensions to it and the labels are within the scaled drawing.

I could find no solutions related to this issue out there, but I am sure I’m not the first one not knowing how to deal with this.

I am having to re-dimension, re-label, re-etc. everything for the re-scaled viewports - it will take me most of the day… :unamused:

Thanks in advance for any insight! :slightly_smiling_face:

EDIT: this is on SU and LO 2020.

You need to upload a LO file where this is happening.

Hello Simon,

Thanks for the reply. So now, somehow, dimensions seem to stay anchored when I change viewport scale. Maybe they were disconnected and were reconnected again, though I never so any sign of either happening.

However, the issue persists with labels and scaled geometry.

I have attached a simple model that I use to recreate issues. Hope this helps, else I can send the original - which exhibits the same behaviour nevertheless.

Jorge.test.skp (84.0 KB) test.layout (142.4 KB)