"Your entitlement has expired"

Keep getting this message (which is not true) more and more often. Then need to restart SU. How to get rid of it…?

I looked, and you had done the 30 day trial, but still have a 2020 Classic license. Go to the Manage License screen, Classic section, and see if your license is added on that computer.

I don’t see anything wrong with your license. You got it through someone though, could be worth checking with operations@northwaypartner.com to make sure they don’t see any issues.

Hi Colin,

My new license are indeed added. However I signed out an in again – after advice onn a help article – maybe that helps.

The signing in when you have a Classic license, is only needed so that you are connected through to the right account for Extension Warehouse and 3D Warehouse. It also will be used to know if you are entitled to get the large area import feature in Geo Location (which you are not).

The 30 trial you had done is expired, anything where you try to use a trial feature now will show as not being entitled, but I’m not sure of what you could try to use that would show such a message.

A screenshot of the error screen could help.

OK Colin here is the screenshot.

This often happens when trying to start a new file. And then I need to shut down and restart. Annoying!

I`m using an middleaged iMAC (2013 model)

But - this large area import feature is interesting – didn`t know of that – does that mean I can have more detailed resolution terrain import…? how to get it – price…?

That could happen if you have remained signed in after a trial had ended. Try signing out, then see if the classic license still lets you use SketchUp, then sign in again.

The large area geo location feature is where you can set a 14X or higher zoom level, but bring in imagery at an 18X zoom level. It does not given you 18X terrain detail, you only get 14X (or whatever you are zoomed in to) terrain detail. The best quality images and terrain detail would be to import one 18X area, then use the add imagery option to add the adjacent areas.

But, that could take some time. You could instead zoom to 16X, grab a lot of tiles at 18X, then also grab 18X areas where you do need the better terrain detail.

The feature comes as part of the Pro and Studio subscriptions. If you’re on Classic you don’t get to see the extra zoom options.

OK Colin thanks for the info.

As I understand the classic license will be stopped this autumn so maybe then I will migrate to Pro anyway.

Are there other major improvements in Pro vs. Classic?

(btw; the fault message hasn`t been appearing since yesterday… :blush:)

It’s the ability to buy a new classic license, or to renew support on an existing classic license, that ends on November 4th. Existing activated classic licenses will continue to work.

This table shows the extra things that are in Pro that are not in Classic: