YOU tell Aaron what to live model this week!

We need your help deciding what to model this week! Aaron will be modeling a unique front door, and we would love to hear which of these doors you think he should model! Please take a look at the images below and use the poll to cast your vote! Then join us live this Friday to watch your selection modeled, live!

2022-08-05T18:00:00Z on YouTube!

Door 1

Door 2

Door 3

Door 4

  • Door 1
  • Door 2
  • Door 3
  • Door 4

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Please vote then join us for the live model!!

Is it just the door or the door and surrounds, the answer will affect my decision?

TO be honest, time will determine that… thought I would imagine that I will end up modeling at least the frame of any of these, along with the door.

Door 4 is the most obvious but also the easiest as it’s geometrically simple.
The only interesting thing about door 3 is its elliptical arch and that’s no more than making a ½ circle and scaling it down.
Door 1 is just a load of push/pulling.
Door 2 would be my goto as it looks hard but actually some cleaver modelling and generous use of components and mirroring make it quite simple to make.


Door 4 may be my favorite of all doors :heart:

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Ah, it’s been restored! Well done! I am also a big Art Nouveau fan. We have our local variant (Eliel Saarinen &al.).

Found some funny photoshop edits


Loved how it turned out. Did the model ever end up in the warehouse or available to look at?