You can't open two files at the same time with new sketchup restrictions?

I can’t believe I have so much trouble with paid version of sketchup pro. The too bar won’t show up properly then I upgrade to newer version and hope it may help. I can’t even log in with the new version. It kept showing “You have exceeded your allowed activations”, I have nothing open for god sake! I tryed to contact them, not phone number, filled on line claim and emailed me same instruction as online shows, I did three times log in and off and deauthorize all three time, still same messages. I have to go back to older version without a tool bar, then I found I can’t even open two files at the same time, to copy over some blocks from the other file. What’s the f*ck, it seems they spend more time to block people doing things that suppose to work then improve their product. I am thinking to switch to other program now… They totally ruin the product

A forum search with the words"You have exceeded your allowed activations”, will provide possible solutions depending on your situation.
Please update your profile with all the correct information.

Finally someone called me back and went through to make it work. I am impressed with their service actually. Glad it is finally work.

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