"you are not licensed"

Hi out there, I am a Sketchup Pro user for 2 appr. years. Every now and then this message “you are not licensed” pops up, and then I need to shut down and open again. Annoying, and it knows when to happen - always when you absolutely don`t have time for such rubbish. And it happens it seems more often lately. I am of course licensed and everything is OK when I shut down and open again.
Someone else experiencing this?

How do you re-open? From the Dock? or double clicking on a file?
It is possible you have not installed correctly, and multiple versions are activated.

Hello, I am reopening from the dock (using a 2015 iMac).

Remove that icon if that gives problems

Remove from dock and re-insert? OK I´ll try that. Thanks!

It made a difference in how SU starts at least! (tool menues in the right place, main window correctly positioning/adjusting between menu bars). Will need to wait and see if the other problem has disappeard.