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I used to have a plug in that calculated and displayed the XYZ dimension, I can’t find it, does it ring a bell for anyone?

Do you mean it would put in coordinates something like this?

You might have add a plugin but it isn’t needed to do this. The Text tool does it nicely.

Not exactly, I’d like to to be able to locate an object or point in “space” relative to the origin. I drew a box, used the text command, and sometimes it gave a set of numbers like yours and sometimes it said [enter text]. When I did get a measurement it didn’t make any since to

The distance from the origin to the dimensioned corner is just over 60".

You can move an object to a specific point in space with the Move tool by entering coordinates, either absolute or relative.

It depends upon what you are anchoring the leader to. Anchor it to an endpoint or intersection and you’ll get the coordinates.

The diagonal distance from where the axes cross is indeed a little over 60 in. The coordinates on the point your label is on should be 51-3/8", 32-1/2", 0". Your screen shot indicates to me that the axes have been moved. The origin (0,0,0) is a fixed point in SketchUp. Moving the axes does not move that point. In my screen shot the axes are in their default location so they cross at the origin.

That’s bizarre, how does one go about moving the axes? I reopened SU and got the same answers as you! Cool tool, thanks.

Axes can be moved by either right clicking on an axis line and choosing Place or Move or by clicking on the Axis tool or on Axes in the Tools menu. If your axes have been moved, Reset should be an available option when you right click on an axis line.

It’s important to understand, too, that the axis lines can be rotated in space. This can be useful in some instances but it can also create problems. Here I’ve rotated the axes. Notice the orientation relative to the horizon.

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I just looked at the drawing, all 3 axes, when right clicked, show the reset grayed out.
xyz.skp (37.9 KB)

I didn’t know you’d made the box a group. The coordinates you show are from the group’s origin.

Got it, now for the Move command.

You can move an object to a specific point in space with the Move tool by entering coordinates, either absolute or relative.

Would that take 3 moves, one for each axes?

No. If you know where you want the object to go, grab it by the desired point with the Move tool. Start moving and then type [x,y,z] for absolute coordinates or <x,y,z> for relative coordinates.

Interesting reading to be had. In this case, just above the image of the desk.

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As usual, DaveR got there faster! I was just checking my recollection of which was which of square and angle brackets.

But by way of expanding his answer, you enter three numbers in square or angle brackets, separated by comma or semicolon (depending on your regional settings).

Later versions of SU automatically close the brackets for you in the Measurements box.

Thanks. That was a hole in my knowledge base.

Thanks Dave, as always great info. Really liked the the link.

You’re looking for the “Utilities” extension by the SketchUp Team.
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