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I’m having difficulty getting proper dimensions to display. I get like a 3 axis measurement instead of just the actual measurement. Please help

I’m not clear what you mean by a ‘3-axis measurement’. Dimensions are conventionally, and pretty well universally, a distance between two points, or a diameter, or a radius, and SketchUp provides all of those nativley, and again, but with more ‘cosmetic’ options in Layout.

If you want the 3d coordinates of one point, as I think you illustrate (the image isn’t very clear on my phone) the Text tool provides that.

What else would you want to see as a ‘3-axis measurement’?

The cursor in your figure is the one for the text label tool. When applied to a vertex, as in your figure, by default it displays the x,y,z coordinates of the vertex. If you click on an edge anywhere except the endpoints, it will display the length of that edge. If you click on a face anywhere except its boundary edges, it will display the area of that face. And if you click on a component, it will display the name of that component.

But if you want dimension line and value, you should be using the dimension tool instead.


Like @slbaumgartner said you need the dimension tool :

The first two are with the labeling tool, the last two with dimension tool,
If you Right-click on a dimension of a circle or arc, you can change the setting to radius or diameter.

Sorry, I was on quite the wrong track. I misread your original post and thought you WANTED a ‘3-axis measurement’, not that it was what you got and did NOT want.

As Steve and Mike have said, use the Dimension tool, not the Text tool.

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