Move to origin option

I created a template with some colours and settings I like but I didn’t notice I changed the axes at some point. So now when I export my model to any other program, the origin is off.

I know I could open a new file with the correct origin and copy/paste-in-place to get the axes back to normal, but is there a way to automatically move an object based on coordinades (i.e. start the move tool and type something like “[0,0,0]”)?

Here’s a screenshot of my situation (left is my custom template and right is the default one):

Thanks in advance!

Hide the box temporarily. Right click on the origin and choose Reset. Then unhide the cube and move it so it’s corner is at the origin where you want it. Then use File>Save as template. Make a new template and discard the old one.

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Wow, I’ve been using Skp since version 8 and didn’t know this. Thank you!

There might be other things, too. :wink:

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[0,0,0] move to origin;
< x,y,z> relative move
[,5] leave x,y at present location z to 5

The < x,y,z> method works, but not the [0,0,0] one.

It is an old bug. On European keyboards you need the AltGr key to type square brackets and pressing that interrupts the operation. I have been waiting for user configurable delimiter keys since SketchUp version 3.


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works for me

Or the bug interrupting the operation by pressing Alt Gt could be fixed.