Xbox logo lamp help


i want to turn this logo into a spherical lamp, with the X embedded into the sphere. I know how to make said sphere, but the embedded X, that is what i dont know how to do.


You can create the ‘X’ in the sphere by intersecting two thin rectangles that taper as they go down from top to bottom. The issue with making this a lamp is that it’s a bit of a ‘forced perspective’. It reads as the logo only from one point of view and as you move around it, it will obviously change and the ‘logo’ is lost.


Perfect. thanks for this. I will just rotate the sphere and add a stand in the position i need, or i can rotate the X cutting pieces maybe

Also you can use Fredo’s Joint Push Pull if you want to have a depth difference between the white and black as well.

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that is exactly what im looking for. So use joint push/pull after the intersection i assume?

Yes. you can pull the black out or what I did may be easier, to push the white in a bit.

now, is it intersect with faces, model, selection or context? i can never remember what one does what haha


I kept the Sphere ungrouped and made my rectangles components (so if the length or taper changes I only have to change one…then selected the sphere and chose ‘intersect with model’. It gets more complex when you have a large detailed model but for this, either should produce the same result.

ok, so far i am at that stage. my sphere is just raw geometry and my rectangles have been unioned and are its own group. Now i will attempt the intersection haha.

I saw this lamp at a store and didnt want to pay the cash for it when i have a nice 3d printer and it gives me experience in SU pro that i need.

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Did you do a search first? I don’t own an XBox so my guess at the logo might be a bit off. I see some exist already online but never hurts to get some extra practice in!

i am having an issue with the joint push pull. I have scaled the part up by 1000, and anytime i do the inner offset, it makes some huge gaps. i mean, i dont mind filling them in, just trying to prevent doing it 8 times haha


Finished and ready to print. thanks very much for the help:)

and its a solid

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Nice work!

thanks. And its a solid to. so it makes me happy haha.

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