Help recessing one shape inside another

You all were super helpful w/this lamp earlier, and now I have another conundrum. I am trying to recess the red glass of this shade up into the wood part of the shade. The glass is 1/8" thick so the recess should also be 1/8" thick. I tried to merge them and pull[mushroom desk it up 1/8" but that didn’t work. thanks

lamp29.skp|attachment](upload://76Bc5St65bmZ6dMWry2eahNgOXF.skp) (5.3 MB)

Your file didn’t upload but if the wood part and the glass part are solid components/groups, use Trim from BoolTools2.

See attached. I tried BoolTools but I couldnt get it to work for this onemushroom desk lamp29.skp (5.3 MB)

BoolTools2 requires that the components are solids. The shade isn’t solid. You could use the same method for cutting the shade that was used on the base.

Note that you should be correcting face orientation. You should have no exposed blue reversed faces.

Oh, I get it. I will redo it that way then. I might not have much access to a computer for a few days though w the holiday. Thanks a lot.

I redrew that shade from scratch in SU, I don’t understand why it is saying it’s not a solid. It took me forever and I don’t want to go through all that again if it will just say the same thing. Attached is the latest version. Any thoughts? thanks

mushroom desk lamp30.skp (9.1 MB)

Solid Inspector2 will show you where things have gone wrong.

Screenshot - 12_1_2020 , 2_16_26 PM

The dome at the top has no surface on the underside and the faces are reversed.

The inside surfaces of the shade is also reversed.

Got it. Thank you!

Sorry to keep pestering you w/this model. I have spent hours trying to plug that darn hole that you and the inspector showed me and I can’t do it. I have tried using the pencil and tried copying and pasting other parts etc. I feel like there must be a way w/o redoing the entire shade.

"The dome at the top has no surface on the underside " - I don’t have to worry about that because that is glass. I just need the wood parts to be perfect for the CNC router software.

I don’t know what you mean about the inside surface of the shade being reversed. It looks normal to me.