Wrong German Translation for the Dimension Text position options when aligned to the dimension line

The German translation for the Text position options relative to the dimension line (drop down) is wrong.
The values should be Über, Zentriert, Unter (english top, centered, bottom).
Currently “bottom” is translated with “Schaltfläche” which in fact means “Button”.
Even better would be “oberhalb, zentriert, unterhalb”.


There is no setting under or/oder unter. There is a choice to have the value positioned above, centered or on the outside. With the latter this means that a value will be displayed either above or below the dimension line depending on where the dimension line is positioned relative to the measured endpoints.

Create the latter and drag the dimension up and down the measured endpoints and see what happens to the value. It jumps to the other side.

So “on the outside” means, the text is not within the area defined by the line to be measured, the extension lines and the dimension line?
That makes sense.
I do not mind what the translation is, as long as it is not “Schaltfläche” (button), because this is defenitely wrong.
I can perfectly live with “Ausserhalb” (Outside).


I have no idea where that comes from. Ausserhalb seems to cover the behavior of where the value jumps to.

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