Dimension anomalies

  1. For Linear dimensions:
    If the text is aligned to the dimension, there are 3 options: Above, Centered, Outside. “Outside” doesn’t seem to do anything different that “Above”, and the User Help doesn’t mention it.(?)

  2. I don’t see a way in the API to access and change Model Info settings, such as Dimension settings, especially expert settings. I thought it might be Model.options but that only covers PageOptions, UnitsOptions, SlideshowOptions, NamedOptions, and PrintOptions.

Is there any documentation on this?

'3. Angular dimensions can set to be “aligned to Dimension”. But there is no alignment. that I can see. The text shoul be parallel to the radius line.(?)

From what I can see they are produce different result.

Yes, this is a missing features in the Ruby API at this time. I’ll make sure we have a feature request filed for this.

hmm… Never tried that, but from what I can see it appear to align to the model axes… looks to be a bit of an odd-ball…

What I didn’t understand, and the documentation does not explain, is that all dimension text is view dependent: even when aligned to the dimension. So from a particular view, if the dimension is “Above” the line it refers to, then Above and Outside give the same result. In your example view, the dimension is “below” the line it refers to, so Outside will be different than Above.

Also the entity info box and model info boxes use vague terms. The “Text Position” options relate to the horizontal text position with respect to the dimension line. Horizontal alignment needs to be decided on a case by case basis, so has no input in Model Info. The “Align to dimension” options refer to the vertical text position with respect to the dimension line. Both sets of options are about “text position”.

Has anyone noticed that if you edit dimension text and insert a string of say 30 characters, double click will no longer work to active edit text? You have to context click to edit the text.

On further study, For Radial Dimensions: “Align to Dimension” causes the test to align to the X axis no matter what the view. (??) As you change view the text will flip to the side of the radius line where the text can extend away from the point of the arc.
I would much prefer the following options:

  • text aligns and parallel to the radius line (similar to linear dimensions).
  • text aligns perpendicular to radius line across the chord.
  • text above and following the curve of the arc.

How do we add this to the suggested improvements?