Wrapping 3D Objects Around A Cylinder

In the image below, I want to wrap the circles around the cylinder so they form a sleeve.

I’ve played around with it for a while, but I can’t figure out how to do it. I’ve also searched the site and forum, as well as on Google. All I can find is information on wrapping images or textures.

Can anyone help?




Thanks, mihai.s,

Not what I’m looking for, though:

  • circle faces are flat - they don’t conform to the curve of the cylinder
  • relies on circle not being wider than face

Just make your cylinder with the appropriate number of faces, then intersect the size of circle you want with the cylinder. Use the circle (on the cylinder face) which intersects with the cylinder and copy it around as @mihai.s has done.
Once completed, you can smooth the circle faces to match the cylinder.

I just realized that you are using the web version so, for this extension you should have SketchUp Make 2017

What about TrueBend:


However not really clear what do you want to achieve…:roll_eyes:

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Extensions make it easier ( true-bend, radial bend, flowify) but you could create ana rrangement like this and intersect geometry and delete the waste ( i didn’t bother deleting the inside ones)
It will give you a wrap and a curve face on each stud. It isn’t perfect but maybe the best you could do?

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with the inner parts removed.

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Thanks for all the suggestions, guys, I really appreciate it.

I’m going to try out the different options you’ve given me. I’ll also download Make and try the extensions mentioned.