How to make this geometry

i have made some shape and given red color to target. i have a stencil shape (component) beside. i want that shape to be wrap. I have used shape blender but it made the shape elongated. I want that shape to be wrap in good way. U can take it in 6-7 parts more or less to make a unique shape. At at the top (green color) i want that should fix in it. As we make use of powerclip in stencil.skp (1.6 MB)

I don’t say it can’t be done because it can, but you need to redraw the component with less segments and then you need to make the component as long as the circle, then you can use the shape bender to bend it round. After that you need Fredo’s scale to scale up the lower radius.
Or, take just three parts of the component and stretch them(using Fredo’s scale) to fit only one segment of the cone. Make it component and rotate it around.

As we wrap the texture is there any extension so that I can do the same procedure we do to wrapping of texture to faces.

So why not use a texture?

Incidentally, I don’t think your rosette is very well drawn. It has way too many points–even for 3D printing–and is asymmetrical. You could get away with modeling one quarter of a rosette, making it a component, and simply replicating that one element to form the entire lattice.